Viatge a París dels alumnes de 2n de Batxillerat

La Défense

Two weeks ago, I went to Paris with some crazy schoolmates and funny teachers. The aim of this voyage was to have a great time with our friends in our last year of high school.


I know that the Eiffel Tower is the most emblematic place in Paris and it should have impressed me the most, but it didn’t. The place which impressed me the most was “La defense”, a “quartier”. This place is the major business district of the Paris Metropolitan Area, located just west of the city centre. The reason why I loved this fantastic place was its views. I love the style of this district because it is minimalistic and, at the same time, colourful and relaxing. Despite all that beauty, I couldn’t enjoy it the way it deserved because I was ill. Luckily, I took lots of incredible photos which I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of my life. Also, I could be with my lovely friends, who helped me all the time I was ill.


I loved that voyage to Paris because I didn’t remember the last time I had been there (when I was seven).


Júlia Gasull. 2nd Batx A


What I’ll always remember about Paris and where I’ll always come back when I go there is Montmartre. We visited the lovely neighbourhood on the fourth day late in a rainy afternoon. Although I’d have loved to see the neighbourhood during the day, the weather conditions made it extremely magic.


The rain made the streets shine with the green and red lights from the famous cafés and small souvenir shops. It was the perfect image for a photograph, so I took lots of them. The souvenir shops occupy the place that was once the artists’ workshops and some still have the same essence. I couldn’t help imagining whole generations of Parisian artists walking down the narrow streets or just sitting at a café looking for inspiration.



If I lived in Paris, it would be in Montmartre. I’d love to wander through the same beautiful streets, as Amelie did, and make up stories about the indoors of places like the Moulin Rouge: quiet on the outside but wild inside. It’s a secret world that you discover step by step helping you to discover yourself at the same time.


Núria Andreu Ferrer 2nd Batx 


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