Visitem el Museu de les Matemàtiques

A trip to the Math Museum


On Monday we went to the Math Museum in Cornellà. First, our guide explained us the famous painting by Leonardo DaVinci, where there’s a man inside a circle and the circle is inside a square. The meaning of his painting is that all humans are the same. I liked this thought, it was interesting for me.


Then, the guide let us see the other part of the museum. We went into a room with some puzzles with irregular pieces, there was an illusion created by mirrors and some figures and more “games” we had to complete. Most of the “games” weren’t so difficult but there were some very complicated.


When we left the Museum, another group of our high school started the visit, and my group had two hours, more or less, to do a small dossier with math exercises individually and time to have breakfast. Some friends and I went to a bar and when we finished the homework, we went for a walk.


I enjoyed the trip but I’d have preferred to have more time during the visit in the museum, because there were a lot of rooms with interesting illusions which I didn’t see.


Clara Serrat 



Maths Museum


Yesterday I went to the Maths Museum in Cornellà del Llobregat (with my class). The day was very cold and windy, but luckily the museum was so warm.


Once we arrived, we left the bags and the coats in a box and then we went with the guide in one of the areas of the museum: to the probability area. There, the guide made an exercise with balls which showed us how the probability worked. Then, he gave us time to do an experiment with the exercise. This was really enjoying because we could experiment on our owns and have a good time. The last area was the mirror room. I think it was the best area! We could see a lot of visual effects and at the end, the guide made us a magic trick.


I can say that the Maths Museum was very good. I went there with the idea that I can’t enjoy it ‘cause I don’t like like maths but finally it was really interesting. 


Aina Barceló

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