Viatge d'estudis a París dels alumnes de 2n de batxillerat

Acompanyants de fred i neu els alumnes de 2n de batxillerat han viatjat a París en el seu viatge d'estudis de final d'etapa.


Han gaudit molt i han après moltíssim visitant museus, i caminant pels barris. " Sempre ens quedarà París........" Ho recordarem!!!



Paris by Georgina Ducet

“We’ll always have Paris” a boy told her while wandering around museums and exploring neighborhoods in the French capital. Between smiles and laughs, some students from a small town experienced what wanderlust feels like by taking the subway, doing dadaism experiments at the Pompidou, admiring classical art in one of the world’s most prestigious museums, dealing with French, eating crêpes and so on.


My recent traveling experience has been completely different compared to the other several visits I’d previously made to the city. It has been a happiness injection because of all of those unique and unrepeatable moments I have lived with my mates.

From seeing this marvelous city covered in a white and cold layer (which almost caused us hypothermia) to discussing about God’s existence inside the Sacré Coeur de Montmartre are a few of my favorite vignettes of our stay. Moreover, this trip has strengthened our bonds.


At the end, it doesn’t matter where we end up or what we do because, as Howard E. Koch said in the movie “Casablanca”, we’ll always have Paris. 

Discovering Paris by Laura Salamó

I often wondered why Paris was such an artist attraction before visiting it myself. However, now that I've been there, I've realised that the whole city is a university of Art, Literature and Music and that dallying there is worth everyone's while.


Paris made quite an immense impression upon me, specially watching the evening sky close slowly from the Eiffel Tower. In addition, being a bit of a bookworm, I absolutely loved discovering places that inspired the authors of some of my favourite books. I was thus able to drop over where Marie-Laure’s doting father works in “All the Light we Cannot See” (France’s National Museum of Natural History) and, despite not being able to see the fictitious cursed diamond from Doerr’s novel, there was no shortage of fascinating exhibits inside the museum’s high walls.


All in all, travelling to Paris was a wonderful experience, surprising in many respects, one of them coming across the ravishingly beautiful Sainte-Chapelle next to Notre-Dame, which I enjoyed even more having read “The Pillars of the Earth”.